Rocko the Kangaroo is very angry.....
Why is Rocko the Kangaroo so angry-
 Do you know the reason why Rocko the Kangaroo is very angry for? Because Viacom is suing DirecTV for $2 Billion dollar lawsuit. That means for those who have DirecTV will not be able to watch Nickelodeon, MTV, Showtime, Comedy Central, Spike TV, CBS, or other Viacom owned network. I was watching the revival of Double Dare with host Jeff Suphen. During the show, I saw a scrolling message about Viacom suing DirecTV. Although I don't have DirecTV, I have AT&T Fios. I was really pissed about this issue. I wonder if there will be an episode about this issue on Penn and Teller's BS? BTW, I bet alot of people who works at DirecTV might get laid off for this. This is a big catastrophe.

Raw Toonage turns 20!
Happy 20th Anniversary, Raw Toonage!

As most of you know, Raw Toonage is

20 years old.

Raw Toonage first aired on NBC on

Saturday mornings on September 19th,
1992. It was like a variety animated

series and was by The Walt Disney

Company. It featured The host segment
(hosted by a Disney character), He's

Bonkers, Totally Tasteless Video, and

my personal favorite: Marsupilami.

Sadley, Raw Toonage has not been on

the air since Toon Disney became

Disney XD on February 13th, 2009. But

I always love Marsupilami and his

gorilla friend, Maurice.

What should we do this christmas?
Christmas is coming soon. We hope to wish you a happy holiday. I hope to say happy holidays to Marsupilami and Maurice.
Happy Holidays from Marsupilami and Maurice.

Halloween has been cancelled?!?
Halloween has been cancelled!!!

I have some bad news, folks. The halloween party in our area has been cannelled due to servere snow storm advisory. We apologize.

Mega Man is DEAD!!!! TT_TT
R.I.P. Mega Man (1987-2010)
As many of you know, Mega Man Legends 3 was cancelled due to the fact that Keiji Inafune decided to leave Capcom. As a results, Mega Man will no longer be the mascot of Capcom. This is a very sad day for all video gamers who fell in love with Mega Man. I am going to miss Mega Man and his dog, Rush. And Roll, Even Dr. Light. I am also going to miss Proto Man, Dr. Wily (Mega Man's Enemy), and even the Robot Masters. There will be no more Mega Man Classic series, No more Mega Man X series, No more Mega Man NT Warrior series, and not even Mega Man Legends series. This is also the reason why Mega Man did not appear on Marvel VS. Capcom 3. P.S.: R.I.P., Mega Man (1987-2010)

What should we do on April 2012?

Walt Disney World Resort turns 40.
Because my father got laid-off from RMD, We may not be able to afford Detroit this year. I am thinking that on April 2012, We would be attending Walt Disney World Resort instead of The Three Stooges fan club weekend. Because, It would make me more happy to be there. But I hope my father gets a new job, So we can afford Walt Disney World on April 2012. I sure would want to meet Marsupilami and his gorilla friend, Maurice.

I hope my father gets a new job.

Mickey Mouse and Marsupilami at Walt Disney World Resort.
Since my father got laid off on April 27th, 2011, We could not afford The Three Stooges fan club meeting. And I am thinking about attending Walt Disney World Resort in April of 2012 (If my father can get his job back.)

My father got laid off :,-(

Sadness has happened. My Father got laid-off from his work in Raytheon. I think this year is going to be the worst year. This means, I will not be able to go to The Three Stooges Convention or visit My father's relatives in Detroit, Michigan. This is a catastrophe. I was so worried that my home will get foreclosed.

This reminds me of 10 years ago in 2001 when The World Trade Centre was attack by the Iraqis. Saddam Hussein was the world's dangerous dictator. Everyone tried to say "NO!" To him, But then he will kill those guys. He even forced the two of the Iraqis to homicide the airplane pilots and take over the airplane to attack The World Trade Centre in Manhattan New York, USA. And it laid a lot of people in North America. At that time all the airports were closed. And Walt Disney World Resort was closed because the owner the Amusement Park was worried that it would be destroyed. In 2003, The Americans had to invade Iraq and Saddam Hussein's statue was tumbling down. One of the Americans had a sign that says "Good Bye, Saddam Hussein" And shouts "NO MORE SADDAM HUSSEIN!" Later in 2003, George W. Bush found him and says "Ladies and Gentlemen, We got him." He went to trial at court for what he did to the USA. And yes, He was found Guilty in 2006. In December 29th, 2006, He died of Capital Punishment by hanging on the rope in an Iraqi prison. He was at age 69.

R.I.P. Bugaboo Creek Steak House

Bugaboo Creek Steak House is no more.
I have very sad news for you. A great Canadian family based restaurant went out of business. It was called Bugaboo Creek Steak House. The restaurant opened in September of 1996. It featured alot of animatronic figures. It had a talking christmas tree named "Timber." It also had a talking Buffalo Head Trophie that tells the customer an interesting story about what life was like in the old days of Canada. And the flapping fish trophie that flaps it's tail. It had good food. I am going to miss the bunien onion appatizer. I love their Burgers and their fries. And just like Friendly's, They serve breakfast only in the morning until 11:00. We will miss the restaurant. But we will the have the great memories of this place.

What has WMG done to Disney clips on Youtube?


As many of you know, Bob Cavallo (Born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada / owner of Disney Music Group) is extremely angry at Edgar Bronfman Jr (Born in Manhatten, New York, USA / owner of Warner Music Group). Since January of 2009, Pokemonking345 got a warning strike because WMG claimed his 90's Disney TV theme song video. It is sad but true. And this is the reason why Disney Music Group (DMG) is filing a lawsuit to Warner Music Group (WMG) for $6.7 Million dollars. And I think Edgar Bronfman Jr must spend 15 years in prison for false copyright claim.
Here are the Disney uploaders that got their account suspended on YouTube:
and many others.....


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