Marsupilami and Maurice are quiting analog radio.......
As of September 26th, 2014. Radio Disney will discontinue the analog radio broadcast. And move on to Digital Audio Broadcasting. This is effecting all 50 states except Los Angeles California, USA. And I also heard that by the end of 2015, Analog Radio Broadcast will soon be discontinued. I have been hearing this commercial that went: "By the end of 2015, Radio will go digital only. Without any upgrade, Your analog radio will stop working." That means AM/FM will soon be discontinued. Here is the details:

The update on The Disney Store.
I just want to let you know that The Disney Store has a deal with JCPenney. So it's no wonder the locations like Nashua NH, North Attelboro MA, and Marlborough were closing. They are actually moving to JCPenney.

The Disney Store is closing in North Attleborough MA, Marlborough MA, Nashua NH, Atlantic City NJ,..
...Sterling Heights MI, and so on....

As what I heard on January 21st, The Disney Store in Emerald Square in North Attleborough MA, The Mall at Solomon Pond in Marlborough MA, The Mall at Pheasant Lane in Nashua NH, Tanger Outlet in Atlantic City NJ, Lakeside Mall in Sterling Heights MI, and few others are closing down. This very tragic, As you all know. I think the one at Lakeside Mall closed down due to the bankruptcy in the state of Michigan. You see Detroit is in dept crises.

UPDATE: I found out why The Disney Store closed it's Sterling Heights location, It is because they are moving to Somerset Collection in Troy MI.

Is Queen Elizabeth II Dying?
As you are aware Queen Elizabeth II may or maynot be dying. And this means she won't be able to see her new great grand child. She is suffering from Pneumonia and may die soon, Let's hope she feels good.

The Disney Channel Canada turns 25.
On September 1st, 1988, The Disney Channel Canada launched (Which was 5 years after the USA Disney Channel launched on April 18th, 1983). I remember it had Dumbo's Circus, Pooh Corner, DTV, The All-New Mickey Mouse Club, and many others...... In the old days, The network was uncut and commercial free. It happened until 1997 (The Same year when the American Disney Channel did the same thing).

Sesame Street might retire Elmo.
As many of you know, Kevin Clash. The man who puppeteer Elmo on Sesame Street has resigned due to a 2nd accuser named Cecil Singleton suing Kevin Clash for 5 million dollars (Ouch). This is not a good year for Sesame Street. I think Sesame Street might go on Hiatus until everything is resolved. Or is Elmo going to be dropped from the show. This is a bad year for Sesame Street.

R.I.P. Jerry Nelson (1934-2012)

R.I.P. Jerry Nelson (1934-2012)
This is a bad year of all of us fans of Sesame Street, The Muppet Show, Fraggle Rock, and other Jim Henson Muppet fans of the world. This year, We have lost a muppeteer. Jerry Nelson died on August 24th, 2012. He was at age 78. Jerry Nelson played various characters for the muppets. He was Sgt. Folyd Pepper, Gobo Fraggle, Robin the Frog, and many other muppets. And on Sesame Street, He was Biff (of Biff and Sully), The Amazing Mumford, Mr. Johnson, Simon the Soundman, Harry Monster, Leftside Two-Headed Monster, Sherlock Hemlock, Phil Harmonic, Dr. Livingston, Lefty's Boss, Lord Chatterly, and many others..... But his best known character was a counting vampire named Count Von Count. He has not performed Count Von Count since 2009. In 2009, Jerry Nelson suffered from Emphysema and had to retire. Matt Vogel took over most of Jerry Nelson's characters. R.I.P. Jerry Nelson (1934-2012). Count Von Count will never be the same without you. We lost so many famous people this year. And they are:
*Leslie Carter (1986-2012) (Sister of Backstreet Boys' Nick Carter)
*Laurie Main (1922-2012) (Narrator of Disney's Winnie the Pooh)
*Jan Berenstain (1923-2012) (Writer and Illustrator of "The Berenstain Bears")
*Whitney Houston (1963-2012) (Pop Singer)
*David Jones (1945-2012) (Legendary Rock Star, The Monkees)
*Robert B. Sherman (1925-2012) (The Sherman Brothers, Composer for Songs by Disney, Such as "It's a Small World.")
*Mike Wallace (1918-2012) (Journalist of CBS-TV's "60 Minutes")
*Jonathan Frid (1926-2012) (Barnabis Collins of "Dark Shadows")
*Dick Clark (1929-2012) (Host of NBC-TV Game Show "The $25,000 Pyramid")
*Maurice Sendak (1928-2012) (Author and Illustrator for "In the Night Kitchen")
*Donna Summer (1948-2012) (The Queen of Disco)
*Robin Gibbs (1949-2012) (Member of The Bee-Gees)
*Richard Dawson (1932-2012) (Host of NBC-TV's "Family Feud")
*Andy Griffith (1926-2012) (Star of "The Andy Griffith Show")
Jonathan Lord (1941-2012) (Keyboardist of Deep Purple)
*William Windom (1923-2012) (Commondore Matt Decker of "Star Trek")
*Phyllis Diller (1917-2012) (Queen Ant in Disney/Pixar "A Bug's Life")
*Jerry Nelson (1934-2012) (A Jim Henson Muppeteer)
*Neil Armstrong (1930-2012) (The first astronaut who landed on the moon)
*And many others......

Toronto did not win the 2014 convention
Well, Here"s Another Nice Mess You"ve Gotten Me Into!
Bad news, The "Toronto Hog Wild" Tent did not win the bid for the 2014 Sons Convention. Oh Well, Maybe 2016 will be their luck.

Rocko the Kangaroo is very angry.....
Why is Rocko the Kangaroo so angry-
 Do you know the reason why Rocko the Kangaroo is very angry for? Because Viacom is suing DirecTV for $2 Billion dollar lawsuit. That means for those who have DirecTV will not be able to watch Nickelodeon, MTV, Showtime, Comedy Central, Spike TV, CBS, or other Viacom owned network. I was watching the revival of Double Dare with host Jeff Suphen. During the show, I saw a scrolling message about Viacom suing DirecTV. Although I don't have DirecTV, I have AT&T Fios. I was really pissed about this issue. I wonder if there will be an episode about this issue on Penn and Teller's BS? BTW, I bet alot of people who works at DirecTV might get laid off for this. This is a big catastrophe.

Raw Toonage turns 20!
Happy 20th Anniversary, Raw Toonage!

As most of you know, Raw Toonage is

20 years old.

Raw Toonage first aired on NBC on

Saturday mornings on September 19th,
1992. It was like a variety animated

series and was by The Walt Disney

Company. It featured The host segment
(hosted by a Disney character), He's

Bonkers, Totally Tasteless Video, and

my personal favorite: Marsupilami.

Sadley, Raw Toonage has not been on

the air since Toon Disney became

Disney XD on February 13th, 2009. But

I always love Marsupilami and his

gorilla friend, Maurice.


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